Stay Lazy with Heidihaha

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Heidi is a animator based in Hong Kong. She once told us that she likes to get out of bed in the morning and go to the living room and take a nap again on her super comfy sofa bed. We were happy to find out that Heidi is also a Lazy Follower so we paid a visit to Heidi's pad and asked her a few questions regarding to her beliefs towards laziness. 


Why do you believe in Lazy?
It's actually not a choice, it's more like something that I have to live with. 

What did you discover from Lazy?
I discovered that there's no limits towards laziness, it's infinite. 
Can you share some knowledge on Laziness? 
If you're ever in doubt, take a nap.
Do you think Lazy has helped your work? How?
For me, the practice of laziness is a self discovery. I am happy to know that I am Lazy and I will keep being Lazy.
We are very happy that Heidi spent some time to share her thoughts on Lazy. Heidi is too lazy to make a website, if you would like to know more about Heidi and her practice please check out her instagram @Heidihaha