Girl in Fafa Pyjamas
Girl in Fafa Pyjamas
Charlene Man

Girl in Fafa Pyjamas

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Sleep a lot so that you can have the energy to sleep more - life motto of “Girl in Fafa Pyjamas”

About the Mat:

- 1.1kg - Lightweight and you can carry it to travel around the world with no pressure1mm thick - Rollable and FOLDABLE! Can be put in almost every bag

- 173cm X 61cm - fit for every poses Made of natural rubber.

- PVC and latex free - No toxic materials and safe to use for you and our planetSuede surface - good grip and non slippery.

- Ensure you will not slide all over the place in your Goddess pose 


Use a clean cloth to wipe your Paletta mat after each practice. 

Hand wash with cold water and soap or gentle machine cold wash regularly (around 2-3 months of use). Apply small amount of detergent only. 

No spin-dry. Hang it to air-dry. 

After travelling with you for a day folded, time to let your mat rest. Best to store your mat rolled to keep it crease-free and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.  

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